Our Partners

We value our relationships and we cant do this alone these are just some of the people we work with.



My mission is to be Authentic…help people WHILE BRINGING OUT THE INNER ROCKSTAR IN THEM.  Transforming minds and empowering people starting from the inside out.  (Mind / Body / Spirit) Kimtastix Experience/Pound And Pour Is a movement a force when we band together to make noise!

We come as individual instruments (every person, age, gender, fitness level), when we come together every class we band together and Make Noise – every class is a custom Jam session consisting of fierce fitness rebels who don’t just workout – we Rock Out. So gentleman Lets Inspire…Motivate…Ignite!!!



Experience Powerhouse

Powerhouse Consultants is a Chicago based Talent Management/Multi-media Agency. We serve a range of clients in a variety of industries across the United States.  Our public relations practitioners are the highest caliber professionals in the business. Powerhouse Consultants receives 360-degree representation from the most experienced counsel in the public relations arena – bar none. All of our clients’ campaigns are handled from the executive level with an energetic and proactive approach.  Powerhouse Consultants PR provides 100% senior-level representation.


AJ Social Solutions

Aj's capabilities in strategic marketing and public relations bring interactive brand development programs to life for each of our clients, from brand conception to campaign design.   They look to provide value with competitive and creative visions not limited to video production and strategic placement on digital channels.  They can put your product or venue wherever it makes most sense for your brand.  They deliver value through our extensive community and years of longstanding relationships.

They also offer a wide range of IT support services that can help bring your business back on the fast track to success. If you are looking for a one stop shop for all of your technology needs look no further.