Chicago's Robert Renteria, Parents for Peace and Justice, Announce March 8, Fundraiser

International best-selling Latino author, Robert Renteria and Chicago's Parents for Peace and Justice organization will roll out their first Fundraiser on Saturday, March 8, 2014. The event will be held at 2366 N. Neva Avenue, Chicago, IL from 2 PM - 7 PM.

The fundraiser will provide a platform for the two entities to continue to move forward as part of their mission to provide resources for youth, schools, and organizations, ensure safety, and prolong lives.

The duo also communicated that they remain dedicated to the shared goal of reconstructing the community by demonstrating non-violent leadership and education.

"Mr. Renteria remains our only author to develop anti-violence and youth initiatives," stated his publicist, Fran Briggs. "He continues to be recognized for his effectiveness to transcend culture by reaching youth from different backgrounds. To date, more than 200,000 students from 23 countries have received his curriculum."

Robert Renteria, described as a vibrant, no-nonsense Chicago civic leader who empowers the community at large, and youth in particular, is dedicated to keeping kids in school, out of gangs, and off drugs. For almost a decade, Renteria has used his own money to provide complementary copies of his book, "From the Barrio to the Boardroom", as well as two other books in this series for the cause.

"We need help and funding to get the books to more than 70 schools and organizations who have not only asked for, but are patiently waiting for these resources," stated Renteria.

"Please join us to help our kids understand that gang-banging and violence is not a lifestyle but a 'deathstyle'," he added. "Saturday is a day to put aside the rhetoric and bureaucy and stand together as we take care of our communities, children, families, and neighborhoods."

The fundraiser will feature speeches by Elizabeth Ramirez and Renteria, as well as an opportunity to exchange guns, knives, drugs, needles, booze and even cigarettes, for Barrio books.

Among the special guests scheduled to appear are The Barrio Foundation's new CEO, Adriano Pedrelli, NBA Chicago Bull 3-point champion, Craig Hodges, and singer/songwriter, Alexa (ĀLee) Torres ( Attendees will be treated to the debut of Torres' first single, "Never Forgotten".

"This song is about remembering loved ones who (have passed) and taking the negative moments and replacing them with something positive. We are in this together, it is our job to transform society, and darkness into life," says Alexa about why she wrote the song.

Books, craft, and delicious Mexican food are expected to contribute to the day's brilliant setting.

The Parents for Peace and Justice and Organization encourages and teaches youth from all backgrounds to apply nonviolence leadership to strengthen culture and reconstruct their community. Businesses and residents are encouraged to get involved. To learn more about the fundraiser or to purchase tickets, please visit, email, or call 312-933-5619. For media opportunities and speaking engagements, contact eMediaCampaigns!, Fran Briggs, 206.279.0818

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