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The Story
Several years ago, a young man approached Robert and wanted to know the secret to getting himself a “phat” ride like Robert’s new Mercedes.  When Robert told him the secret was hard work, the boy listened. At that moment, Robert realized that countless children, teenagers, and adults are walking around—lost in a culture of darkness—and he needed to do something about it.

The Book
The book promotes hard work, dedication, and education as the secrets to success. That context is inspiring kids to do more around the house, try harder at school, question if they’re hanging out with the right crowds, believe in themselves, and reach for higher goals. It is also inspiring adults to open their own businesses, go back to school, and give back to others.

We’re introducing Mi Barrio, a hard hitting comic book version of From the Barrio to the Board Room that your students WILL BEG TO READ. We don’t glamorize drugs or violence, but we do keep it real in a way that speaks to them honestly while inspiring them to stay in school, value their education and make better choices.




In April of 2006, Robert partnered with writer and publisher Corey Michael Blake, and From the Barrio to the Board Room was born. It was released in January of 2008 by Writers of the Round Table Press and has since been endorsed and utilized by:


•    Superintendents
•    Teachers
•    Principals
•    Counselors
•    Universities
•    High Schools
•    Middle Schools
•    Battered Women’s Shelters
•    Homeless Shelters
•    Churches
•    Social Services
•    Youth Groups
•    Police Departments and Probation Officers
•    Substance Abuse Programs
•    Multiple Youth Prisons and Prisons

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