Our Vision

Social & Emotional Learning.


In 2006, a young gang banger approached Robert and wanted to know the secret to getting himself a “phat” ride like Robert’s new Mercedes Benz. When Robert told him the secret to success was hard work, the young man actually listened and appreciated the advice. At that moment, Robert realized that we have money for wars and can’t feed the poor and that we have countless children, teenagers, and adults who are walking around-lost in a culture of darkness-and decided that he needed to do something about it.

Since 2008 Robert began his quest to release a comprehensive bilingual books series and program that is culturally relevant, that resonates with the youth and promotes student achievement. 

Robert has invested in the past 12 years over $350,000 of his own money because he has seen a fractured system spending millions of dollars on so called best practices that aren’t working.  Schools are teaching to test not teaching to learn and our kids are failing at an alarming rate.

The Barrio books and curriculum are bringing life skills back into the classroom and providing our kids with the inspiration and motivation to graduate from middle schools and high schools to further pursue their goals, hopes and dreams.

Dr. Robert Renteria sold many of his personal belongings because he wanted to help make a difference in the life of our youth.

**Anyone who needs a program that is working and making a huge impact in real time contact Robert personally and his team will e-mail you at no cost FREE a school based and faith based curriculum to both help save and change lives**

E-mail:  Robert@fromthebarrio.com

Speaking engagements call:  312-933-5619

Dr. Robert Renteria

Civic Leader/International Award Winning Latino Author

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